Sunday, 8 February 2015

Hair Refresh

Finally after 4 months I got my hair done! I had it the same as I did before, it just needed a refresh. I had lots of thin bleach highlights with the rest of my hair a medium brown and my terrible ends trimmed. My brother's girlfriend did my hair and always does my hair. She's a fully qualified hairdresser and works in a hair salon but she comes to my parents house to do my hair and it's also very cheaper than getting your hair done in an actual salon. I've never had my hair done in a salon, but I've always had fully qualified hairdressers touch my hair. I've literally not paid over £25 for my hair to be dyed any color or any amount of colors and styles.

The left side is my hair now it's re-dyed & the right is before I had it re-dyed.

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