Hey lovelies, my name is Lauren, I'm from South-East England in the UK (obviously) and I'm 23 years old. I went to college in 2010 for 2 years after finishing school in year 11, aged 16. I studied Beauty Therapy and Spa Therapy in college and I'm fully qualified for both but since leaving college even with those qualifications my job isn't anything to do with them, I went on to working in the Co-Operative supermarket for roughly 21 months (May 2013 - Feb 2015) then I worked as a barmaid and cleaner at my local pub for 14 months (Feb 2015 - April 2016), but I was working pretty much everyday and it stressed me out, made me unhappy and I was just fed up. Currently I work at a nursery as their kitchen cook, which I'm liking this much more than my previous jobs as its a 9-5 weekday job! (woo hoo) also on the side I wax family and friends for a small price.

I'm passionate about hair and beauty related stuff, as I'm forever watching my favorite beauty guru's on YouTube, reading lots of blogs, buying and trying out make-up and hair products and reading. I'm camera shy and awkward which is why I don't make videos so that resulted me in to finally making this blog.

Feel free to send me a message any time on my social media whether you have questions, inquiries or just want to talk and be friends. I'd love to talk to as many people as possible and get to know you and get more involved into the beauty and blogging community. If you are interested in collaborating with me or are a business wanting to work with me etc then head over to my PR/Contact page here!

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