Tuesday, 29 November 2016

YouTube Made Me Buy It!

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world.

As you can see by the title, today's post is a popular post/video idea for many in the beauty community, so many have done a post or video of this and I love reading and watching them. It made me look into my beauty stash and realise I have a lot of products I bought because of Beauty YouTubers so I thought I'd show you some and what I think of them.

I'm literally going to start with the first products I can 100% remember buying because most Beauty YouTubers were using, loved and were talking about them. At the time of buying these, they were cult favourites back a couple years ago, I don't really see them in blog posts or YouTube videos anymore. The products I'm talking about are Aussie hair products, everyone and their mother (literally) were using this brand! If you remember this brand, used their products or even maybe still do, let me know in the comments what products they are. The products I always used were Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner, 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Conditioner and the Miracle Recharge Leave-In Conditioner Take The Heat. I re-purchased these very items many, many times and I'm not going to lie, it's only this year where I've branched out and used different products for my hair as I'd used these for so long. They worked very nicely for my hair, the Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner really did help turn my hair around a few years ago after I started to really take care of my hair. My hair was damaged from over dying and heat, which these helped to put the moisture and life back in my hair, along with the Reconstructor Conditioner this was gem of a deep conditioner I swore by it. The Leave-In Conditioner Spray I only literally stopped using a month ago, I'd tried a couple different sprays before but I always went back to this one until I bought one from Salon International last month, just in time as my trusty Aussie spray was running out.

My next product is also a hair care product and that is the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment, this is so good, I still have a pot of this in my hair product collection. I've re-purchased this about 3 times I think, it lasts for quite a while considering the pot isn't huge as a little goes a very long way. After using this my hair feels like silk but I haven't used it in a while simply because I'm too lazy.

The next few products are Make-Up from the same brand, which is the well-loved Benefit. The products I have are the Hoola Bronzer, Porefessional Primer and the They're Real Mascara. These are the only products I've tried from Benefit so far, I know... WHAT?! HOW?! WHY?! I have been meaning to buy more products from them but I don't know really, I just haven't got round to it. I love all 3 of these products, Hoola is my favourite out of the 3! It literally is perfect for contouring, I always use it when I contour and bronze it's beautiful, I would recommend it to everyone! I use the Porefessional Primer before applying foundation every time, I find it really does smooth my skin and cover my pores. And lastly the They're Real Mascara, I've started to use a bit more lately, I use this when I want to add length to my lashes and to separate them as it's perfect for doing so.

I hope you liked this post. If you have tried and use any of these products then please feel free to leave comments below telling me whether you like them or not, and feel free to check out my social media accounts, linked below. Thank You. MWAH!

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

My Autumn and Winter Lipsticks

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world.

As I've mentioned many, many times Autumn and Winter are my favourite season for so many reasons and one is the lip colour trends are more berry, burgundy and darker toned colours and they're my favourite shades of lipsticks. So I thought I'd share my favourites for the Autumn and Winter seasons.

I have done a whole blog post reviewing these very recently here if you were looking and interested a full review. The shades that I'm loving are currently Beeper is warm mid-toned taupe, Trap is a dusty grey beige, Lumiére 2 is a dusty mauve pink/purple and Tulle is a dusty mauve burgundy. These shades are very popular within the beauty community and no doubt you've probably heard of them. They're very affordable prices but are sold online not in-store. They're very pigmented, easy to apply and long lasting.

NYX Lip Lingérie 
I've also done a full review on this product hereI've only tried 3 shades in this range and am obsessed with them. The colour that is my favourite and is more suited for Autumn and Winter wear is the shade 02 Embellishment, this is a dusty muted purple grey toned shade. It's a very unique shade, you definitely won't come across too many colours like this. I'm obsessed.

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream
Oh yes, another lip product that's a matte liquid lipstick! I'm sorry but they're just so in trend right now, everyone and their mother are wearing matte liquid lipsticks basically because of Kylie Jenner. She's the Queen of make-up right now as her cosmetic line is killing the game. Anyway back to Sleek Matte Me, the shade I'm loving is Velvet Slipper it's a deep dusty mauve pink. Once again this shade is quite unique, I found it heart to describe this beautiful shade.

MAC Satin Lipstick
I've finished with liquid lipsticks, now the remaining 2 are regular lipsticks. A Satin Mac Lipstick in the shade Rebel, it's a mid-toned plum and this was my first Mac lipstick and Mac product I'd bought. I literally bought it in the winter time, December 2014 to be exact haha. This is a beautiful colour, you can apply it and it not be that opaque and strong if you're not that brave or you can really build it up which is what I like to do. It feels very moisturising and creamy, so when I don't feel like wearing a liquid lipstick that drys my lips out I turn to this one.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick
These lipsticks have 2 finishes which are matte and créme. The shade I have is Va Va Violet and it's a créme finish, it's a deep toned true purple and purple is my favourite ever colour and I love this shade when I want to be super vampy/grunge. Like the Mac lipstick, this can be applied lightly or build it to be very opaque and dark. I also think it looks better with lip liner underneath which brings me to my last lip products.

Barry M Lip Liner
I love this lip liner, it's stiff to apply but the colour applies nicely. I prefer my lip liner to be more stiff, I also find the liner lasts longer when it's stiff whether the creamy liners get used so much quicker. I'm not quite sure on the shade of this it's either wine or plum, it's not on the pencil and I've had it for a fair while so I've forgot but it's basically a deep purple. If I have a dark, mauve, purple lip then I've 90% of the time got this underneath the lipstick. I even wear this on its own sometimes.

I hope you enjoyed this post. And maybe I've introduced you into shades you haven't come across or don't have or even a product. What are your favourite lip shades/products for Autumn and Winter time? Be sure to leave comments below or speak to me on my social media, links below. Thank you. MWAH!

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

My Current Hair Care Routine

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world.

Today's post I finally have my updated hair care routine, that I mentioned I'd be doing in my Salon International Haul as soon as I've tested the products well and long enough to know if I like them.

My last hair care routine post was in March 2015, so that was 20 months ago, and I've changed out my products a couple times since then, but not all the products. Now I have all new products, I've finally swapped out the products I've used forever for all new, which I am loving!

I'm starting with Shampoo and Conditioner, I always like to use 2 different shampoo's and conditioners, that cater to different needs for my hair. My main shampoo and conditioner I use are the Osmo Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner. Now my hair is thin and fine, but I have lots of hair if that makes sense, it's not thick by all means so it's a little flat and these products give it that oomph it needs and I'm loving it. The second Shampoo I use is the Lee Stafford Beach Blondes Shampoo, it tones the brassy and yellow tones to make them more blonde and silver, the product looks scary as it's bright purple. I usually wash my hair with the Osmo shampoo first, rinse then use this toning shampoo after as I like to leave it in my hair for 3-5 minutes I see such a massive difference when I leave it. A couple weeks back I left it in my hair for 10 minutes and when my hair was all dry the blonde highlights had a purple tint to it, so it's strong stuff and I love it. The second Conditioner I use is a deep conditioner/mask and it's the Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask, when I use this my hair honestly feels like new hair, it's all so smooth and nourished and really makes a difference to my hair. I haven't used a deep conditioner/mask for a few months so my hair is really enjoying this product.

That's all the products for washing my hair, now for the products I use after. After my hair has air dried for a little while I then use Osmo Effects Wonder 10 Leave-In Treatment and this makes my hair so much more manageable when it comes to brushing my hair, especially that first brush after my hair is washed, my hair is a nightmare but this product helps my brush glide through. After the leave-in treatment, I then like to go in with the Moroccan Oil Treatment to nourish my ends and make my hair looks shiny and healthy, even though my hair is in great condition for being bleached. I like to take care of my hair. I also have the Moroccan Oil Blow-Dry Concentrate, this is a new product and I haven't used it yet as I rarely ever blow-dry my hair or use heat on my hair so I have yet to try this. Maybe I could do a review when I do if you're interested let me know in the comments below.

That's all the products I use when washing and to care for my hair after washing, the last product is a heat protection for when I do use heat and the one I use at the moment is the GHD Heat Protect Spray and that is every product. I don't use anything else when I style my hair even hairspray, my hair doesn't need it and I hate the feel of hair with hairspray. 

My hair is my baby, I use minimal heat on my hair such as only occasions and events is when I'd use them which I'm a homebody so that's not a lot haha. I also only wash my hair once a week! Yes one day a week, and that's always a Saturday. Everyone gasps when I tell them that, it's not dirty, my hair never smells or looks extremely dirty and it doesn't get greasy that much as my hair is trained now to go that long. At first, when I tried to space out my hair washes my hair did look very greasy but after a while, my hair got used to it. And besides I work in a kitchen and with children so my hair has to be up during the weekdays no matter what so that helps with going so long between washes. I must mention the brush I use as that too is new and I'm in love with it, it glides through my hair and makes it feel so soft and smooth and that is the Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra Brush, I definitely recommend for people with knotty, long, thick and unmanageable hair.

Phew well done if you got through all that post, it was longer than I anticipated but I wanted to make sure I included everything. I hoped you like it, and hopefully, you found some products you'd like to try! I couldn't recommend them all to you enough! Let me know in the comments below or on my social medias links below if you tried any of the products mentions. Thank You. MWAH!

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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Let's Chat and Catch Up

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world.

Today's post is just me chatting to you about my life and how I'm feeling right now. Sorry, it's not an exciting review or a helpful post, but I feel like rambling,I enjoy reading these sorts of posts now and again, they help get a feel and to know the blogger.

I'm really enjoying blogging again, it's something I've wanted to do and stick with for a few years now, but that's where I've failed... sticking with it! I put a lot of effort and time into my blog and posts, I haven't got much interaction from readers on my blog so I get disheartened and doubt myself and my blog, that's when I drift away from my blog. I know my blog isn't going to grow and get much interaction if I keep giving up, not sticking to a regular posting schedule, not using my social media accounts to advertise, or interacting with other bloggers and readers. But sometimes when you feel that way all you feel that's best doing is giving up.

Another topic I feel like talking about is my current job, I've been sick the past 3 weeks now with Laryngitis, if you don't know what that is then it's basically inflammation with your voice box, your voice gets hoarse, so you have difficulty speaking, you can also get a sore throat, ear aches, a cough and a fever. I literally had all of them but a fever and generally I just felt very lethargic and poorly. So I've had a few sick days from work spread over the course of those 3 weeks and now I'm feeling much better and have to be back at work I feel really anxious and don't want to go back. It's not that I'm being lazy it's just I'm not happy with my job, truth be told and I've only just admitted that to myself.

I'm feeling fed up working jobs that I never like, that I only work to earn money which sadly most people do this. It's only lately where I've figured the only way I will be happy with working is if I could work at home and be my own boss, which is what blogging can lead to. I would be ecstatic if I could earn a living making a hobby that I really love become my full-time job. Wouldn't we all though? But I'm determined to get my butt in gear, make good quality content, and grow my blog while making sure I'm having fun and enjoying it.

I hope you liked this little post, even if it was me basically moaning and be negative, but I just felt like I needed to talk about all this, and let you guys know so you can see me in a more personal way and get to me a little. Please feel free to leave comments below or on my social media's which are linked below as always, just say hi. Thank you. MWAH!

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