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ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Review

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Today I have a review of the very popular Ultra Matte Lips and Lip Pencils from the extremely hyped brand ColourPop! I've already reviewed the NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks and now I have the ColourPop ones that I'm going to compare and let you know which of the two I prefer.

ColourPop is hugely hyped in the beauty Youtube and Blogging community, everyone and their mother owns or has tried at least one product from them! The Ultra Matte Lips, are one of their best selling and popular products, as matte lips are very in right now and have been for a while.

There are 42 shades in the range, well that's what I counted on the ColourPop website, they could have more though so don't hold me on my calculation. In my order, I bought 7 shades and they're the only ones I own as this was my first order with ColourPop, I got these in the first week of when they started shipping to the UK back in July, I'll let you know my delivery experience after I've reviewed the products. The shades I have are Are N Be, Bianca, Tulle, Kae and the popular Beeper, Trap and Lumiére 2 which is the beautiful KathleenLights on Youtube's collab with them. And also I got 2 Lipp Pencils in the shades Lumiére and BFF 2.

Are N Be is a rich mauve plum, Bianca is soft mauve pink, Tulle is a dusty mauve burgundy, Kae is a deep dark brown with warm reddish and yellow tones but I couldn't find that on the website so I think it's discontinued as it was part of the KaePop Collab. Beeper is warm mid-toned taupe, Trap is a dusty grey beige and lastly, Lumiére 2 is a dusty mauve pink/purple. As you can tell I seem to like the mauve type colours, which I didn't really notice until I looked up the descriptions of each of these colours.

The price of these Liquid Lips is $6 each, in GBP that translates to £4.79, very very inexpensive so you can see why everyone loves this brand! The coverage and colour payoff are very good and pigmented, even with one swipe which is lovely but I'm terrible at applying liquid lipsticks and mess it up going over my lip line most times so I have to remove it, and this product is very hard to wipe off lightly, they take some scrubbing and the darker colours can leave a colour stain also but a little make-up removing liquid usually does the job. So with these, I would 100% recommend lining your lips beforehand to ensure a cleaner application.

Unlike the NYX Lip Lingerie the feeling of them on your lips while they dry and after they've dried feels so much better, as they're not tacky and don't feel like you have it as much on your lips. I mean you can feel that you have, but just not as much as the NYX as it leaves a tacky feeling. They are transfer proof which is what's expected of matte liquid lip products. The longevity is very good also, they last most of the day with drinking and eating, but it depends on what you're eating. I'd had a McDonalds one day of wearing one of the darker shade Tulle and I still found it to last pretty good though, it just wore off in the middle and smudged as I was wiping my mouth with a wet wipe and I'm not one to re-apply the product straight on top when I still have some product left on my lips so I just removed it completely before re-applying. But they are buildable I find, there is only one shade that doesn't build well and that's Bianca which I'm going to talk about that one.

For some reason the formula of the Bianca Matte Lip is different to the others which disappointed me as I love this colour, it is the perfect everyday shade but I can't really wear is as straight on application it's very dry and crumbles pretty much instantly, I don't know why but I have heard when I searched to see if others Bianca is like it, that since my order they've reformulated the old original matte lips to the new and better formulation so I'm guessing I'm the unlucky one that had an old formulation annoyingly.

Aside from that I'm obsessed with ColourPop's Ultra Matte Lips and can't wait to expand my collection! Now my verdict on what Liquid Lipsticks I prefer over NYX and ColourPop, if I'm honest I think I like the NYX a fraction more, a very little fraction and I don't really know why, well I think it feels better on my lips strangely after I said NYX is a little tacky but I like it.

The 2 Lip Pencils I have are Lumiére which is a dusty mauve pink/purple, again is the beautiful KathleenLights collab and BFF 2 is a mid toned peachy nude pink. The formula of these is very creamy and very easy to apply which I love. These shades I bought are very versatile, I use Lumiére underneath the berry and dark lip products and BFF 2 underneath nude and pink lip products. These are priced at $5, which makes £3.99 GBP.

I said earlier on in the post I was going to tell you my experience of UK Delivery and I thought it was good, I mean the delivery took 2 weeks which it says 7 to 21 days so it was well within that. It was all smooth ColourPop's side, but when it got to the UK I got an email saying my order was attempted to be delivered but no one was in to collect which I knew someone was so I gave it a couple more days for a reattempted delivery and nothing. I had to check my local post office online with my order code and it said it was at the post office, so I went there and that was where I got hit with a customs charge of £15 which wasn't too bad but when you get charged by ColourPop £25 for delivery and then customs, £40 is an annoying amount for delivery especially when the products I bought come to £45 so the delivery cost almost as much as my order which sucked. I'll be looking out for free international shipping codes next time I order that's for sure!

Congratulations if you got through this hefty but informative review, I hope you enjoyed this post and that maybe it helped you out whether you had your eye on buying from ColourPop but wanted to know what others thought of them before buying. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have or contact me on any of my social media linked below as always. Thank you. MWAH!

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