Thursday, 18 June 2015

The 'Just One' Beauty Tag

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world. Today I have a tag for you, I came across this tag on Reddit  and thought it was a good one to do. Basically you have to pick 1 beauty/make-up item of each topic such as lipstick etc.

The categories are:
1. Lipstick - Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Asia, it's a natural everyday shade.
2. Lipgloss - I'm not a lover of Lipgloss.
3. Blush/Bronzer - Benefit Hoola, do I need to elaborate on this beauty cult?!
4. Eyeshadow Single - Natural Collection in Crushed Walnut. I bought use this specifically for my eyebrows and I'm obsessed with it!
5. Eyeshadow Palette - Make-Up Revolution Redemption Palette Essential Mattes 2, I only recently got this but I'm in love.. it has the perfect everyday colors.
6. Mascara - Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara, this has been a long time love of mine but I really need to branch out and try others so if you have any recommendations let me know in the comments.
7. Foundation - L'Oréal Lumi Magique Foundation. It's such a lovely foundation, I have a review of it here.
8. Facial Cleanser/MU Remover - L'Oréal Skin Perfection Micellar Water, I love this stuff! I have a review of it here if you want to check it out.
9. Powder - Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit, the yellow highlight/conceal powder. This powder does wonders for brightening my under eyes on top of concealer.
10. Nail Polish - I haven't got a specific color but the Barry M Nail Paints are amazing in price and formula, it has so many!!

Bonus: Any three items you feel you couldn't live without or would buy over and over again. (concealer, highlighter, eyeliner, brows etc)
Concealer - Maybelline The Eye Eraser, such a lovely creamy and moisturizing formula.
Primer - Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro, this makes for a nice smooth base.

I hope you liked this post, when I saw this tag I thought it would be quite interesting to do as some people can literally only afford limited products so picking just on product of each category would seem to be interesting. Please feel free to copy the questions and do the tag yourself in a post or you could answer them in the comments below.

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My Favorite TV Shows

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world. So today's post I'm telling you my all-time favorite TV shows.

Pretty Little Liars
I've watched PLL since the very beginning in 2010, but as I'm in the UK I'd always watch Live Streams so I could watch it with America, then I'd watch it the next day on online free movie sites but now I watch it the day after it airs in America on Netflix. This show is my very fave, it beats every show for me! Every episode is exciting and shocking, literally never get bored on any episode. So much happens in every episode, and they're always unpredictable. As soon as I think somethings going to happen, it's never how I thought it was be or what I thought. It just boggles me how A does all this stuff and gets away with it without getting caught, like how?!

The Fosters
I came across this show on Twitter where I heard Jennifer Lopez was one of the producers and that it's produced with her own TV and film production company. I started to watch it after a couple episodes had aired and fell completely in love and addicted to it. It's such a different story with a female couple who raised a family. 1 of the women already had a child from a marriage with a man beforehand and then they adopted 4 others. Each of the children are all different and each of their story lines are good to watch. I love Cali and Brandon together, I don't find it weird that they want to be together even though they're adopted siblings.. they're not biological so I think it's fine. And Jesus, oh hot damn! I mean I thought Jack T. Austin was cute in Wizards Of Waverly Place but wow he's a man crush for sure. I have yet to watch the 2nd parts of season 2 yet, the ones that have aired this year. It's annoying living in the UK and having a favorite show from America which doesn't show here so I have to watch it online... please UK NETFLIX show The Fosters!!!!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Not going to say much about this because everyone knows about this crazy family and have seen some of this show at some point! It is one of my guilty pleasures but I don't binge watch it I just watch it when nothing on TV and this is. I'm not caught up on the latest season yet or have watched Kourtney and Khloé Take The Hamptons. Which brings me onto telling you my fave of the family... Khloé, she's literally the only funny one and always makes me laugh!

The Vampire Diaries
I've only just started watching it, just finishing up season 1 and it's fair to say I'm obsessed. Nina Dobrev is literally so beautiful so I can understand why she has guys fighting over her! With Stefan and Damon they both are so different but they both are man crushes for sure.. Stefan is the kind and caring one and Damon is the treat them mean keep them keen type but I just can't choose one to crush one. 

There we go, they are my top favorite shows, I hope you enjoyed. I would love to hear what yours are so if you'd like leave me comments below and/or let me know on my social media sites!

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Soft Brown Eye Shadow Look

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world. I have another eye shadow look/tutorial for you all, this one is a soft brown smokey eye, but it's reversed.. so the darker color is on the lid and that it gets lighter, I have no idea what that would be called so I'm calling it a reversed smokey eye.

First off I started with priming my eyelids with Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Primer, then I went over with Collection 2000 Lasting Finish concealer as a base for my eye lid, this helps for a blank canvas for the shadows and helps them to be more vibrant. I set the concealer with the lightest shade of the Make Up Revolution Redemption Palette Essential Mattes 2 that I use for this eye look. Now I start with the actual look, I use a light brown for my crease that will be the transition/blend shade. Now for the all over lid color, I use 2 for all over the lid because the 1st shade which is a chocolate brown ended up not being as dark as I wanted so I got the darkest brown in the palette and put it over top of the chocolate brown and I was happy with the result. Next I got a clean fluffy brush and blended the crease shade and made sure there were no sharp edges. I then did my highlight with the 1st shade I used for my brow bone and inner corner of my eye. I next got the darkest brown again and applied it as close to my bottom lash line as I could so my eye didn't look top heavy with my lid all brown and nothing on my bottom lash. I then applied a brown eye liner which is the No7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eye Pencil to my bottom lash inner rim and lastly applied mascara of course.

I hope you liked this very simple everyday but pretty eye shadow look, please know I'm not a professional make-up artist, I'm just a make-up loving junkie experimenting and trying different shadow looks for fun. If you try this look then please let me know how you get on or your thoughts on this look in the comments below or on my social media, links below.


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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

How's My Diet Going? Long Time No Update!

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world. Today's post I'm going to let you all know what's been happening with my diet... If I've been sticking to it etc.

Now I'm going to be honest, my diet lasted a little over a month which I lost a total of 1 stone during that time. I was doing amazing, I felt amazing and I believed I would be able to keep going at it. But that was better said than done, I didn't intend to give up I just slowly fell out of dieting. I was finding it hard because I was having the same dinner day in, day out.. my boyfriends mum was always cooking it and if I'm honest I didn't like the way she was cooking it. I always had chicken cooked in a bag with lots of vegetables in the oven with some sort of mixed flavor with sweetcorn and either sweet potato fries or rice. What was the most off putting thing for me was the way she cooked the sweet potato fries, she made them very chunky and then the liquid from the chicken bag made them all soggy on the plate. Now I detest potato, it instantly makes me gag and I hate the taste of it, I will only eat chips mainly thin, crisp (duh) and roasted potatoes but they have to be crispy. I love sweet potato fries, if they do them in a restaurant I eat at I usually get them but they weren't the same when my boyfriends mum cooked them. I believe I would be so much better being on a diet if I had full control of my meals but my boyfriends mum automatically cooks meals for us before we have a chance to maybe cook something.

Also another thing my boyfriends fridge and freezer are tiny half ones that are always jammed up with stuff so if I wanted to buy fresh and frozen ingredients they never fit anyway and when I do put stuff in them I do find that they some times get eaten especially my fruit and salad stuff. With going to the gym I still kept going to the gym up until a month ago I'd say, I always went with my sister-in-law in the afternoon about 4ish and after a while going at the time became inconvenient I'd have much rather go in the morning but I didn't want to leave my sister-in-law to go on her own as she couldn't do mornings as there was never anyone available to look after my niece. So going to the gym faded out which I'm so disappointed in myself as I did love going, it made me feel so good.

I do still want and need to lose weight but I'm not going to push myself, I'm just going to let it happen naturally and slowly without a deadline because all that pressure to lose a certain amount of weight by a certain time could be very daunting. I'll be sure to keep you updated if and when I'm dieting and have lost weight as I want it to help any of you out and it'll always be fun to look back on once I've possibly lost a lot of weight.

Want to ask any questions or give me advice even then be sure to leave me comments or get hold of me on my social media's, links below.

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Beauty Haul

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world. I have a little haul for you today with a few bits I needed and a few I didn't but I thought I'd deserved to treat myself.

As I've recently had my hair dyed a colorful vibrant color and as my shampoo and conditioner was running out I thought I needed to buy new ones, this time I went for L'Oréal Paris Hair Expertise EverPure Color Care & Moisture Shampoo And Conditioner to try out, see how long and if it pro-longs the color in my hair. Next is the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Miraculous Recovery Intensive Masque, I'm always on the look out for trying masques out so I picked this up. The last couple of hair products I bought are hair oils, Superdrug own brand Hair Therapy Oil With Coconut and a Macadamia one, once again I love trying out different hair oils so I thought I'd give these a try.

The last 2 products of my haul are eye shadow palettes, I've been obsessed with shadows and palettes lately so I need to build my collection. Since this palette come out I've been humming and arring over whether to get it or not but I caved and that is the L'Oréal Paris Color Riche La Palette Nude Rose, I love L'oréal products so I'm excited for this so stay tuned for a review and tutorials I'm sure. The next palette is the Sleek iDivine Ultra Mattes V2 Darks Palette, I just wanted a matte palette that wasn't just basic neutral colors so when I saw this I thought it was perfect. It has a flesh color and a brown to make a basic neutral smokey eye but it also has pops of color that I can't wait to use. So again look out for a review and tutorials with this palette.

I hope you liked this mini haul, usually I have more products in my hauls but my money has been spent on my nieces/God Daughters Christening gifts, an outfit for that occasion and bills so not had much to spare for beauty products, sad face. Also I'm trying out a new technique for my blog pictures, let me know what you think of them.

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