Tuesday, 9 June 2015

How's My Diet Going? Long Time No Update!

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world. Today's post I'm going to let you all know what's been happening with my diet... If I've been sticking to it etc.

Now I'm going to be honest, my diet lasted a little over a month which I lost a total of 1 stone during that time. I was doing amazing, I felt amazing and I believed I would be able to keep going at it. But that was better said than done, I didn't intend to give up I just slowly fell out of dieting. I was finding it hard because I was having the same dinner day in, day out.. my boyfriends mum was always cooking it and if I'm honest I didn't like the way she was cooking it. I always had chicken cooked in a bag with lots of vegetables in the oven with some sort of mixed flavor with sweetcorn and either sweet potato fries or rice. What was the most off putting thing for me was the way she cooked the sweet potato fries, she made them very chunky and then the liquid from the chicken bag made them all soggy on the plate. Now I detest potato, it instantly makes me gag and I hate the taste of it, I will only eat chips mainly thin, crisp (duh) and roasted potatoes but they have to be crispy. I love sweet potato fries, if they do them in a restaurant I eat at I usually get them but they weren't the same when my boyfriends mum cooked them. I believe I would be so much better being on a diet if I had full control of my meals but my boyfriends mum automatically cooks meals for us before we have a chance to maybe cook something.

Also another thing my boyfriends fridge and freezer are tiny half ones that are always jammed up with stuff so if I wanted to buy fresh and frozen ingredients they never fit anyway and when I do put stuff in them I do find that they some times get eaten especially my fruit and salad stuff. With going to the gym I still kept going to the gym up until a month ago I'd say, I always went with my sister-in-law in the afternoon about 4ish and after a while going at the time became inconvenient I'd have much rather go in the morning but I didn't want to leave my sister-in-law to go on her own as she couldn't do mornings as there was never anyone available to look after my niece. So going to the gym faded out which I'm so disappointed in myself as I did love going, it made me feel so good.

I do still want and need to lose weight but I'm not going to push myself, I'm just going to let it happen naturally and slowly without a deadline because all that pressure to lose a certain amount of weight by a certain time could be very daunting. I'll be sure to keep you updated if and when I'm dieting and have lost weight as I want it to help any of you out and it'll always be fun to look back on once I've possibly lost a lot of weight.

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