Thursday, 3 November 2016

Salon International 2016 Haul

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world.

Today's post I have for you is a haul of the goodies I got from Salon International 2016, that I went to with my sister-in-law on Sunday 16th October. And we also went to the Westfields Shopping Mall in Stratford for a look around after and I bought a few bits so I thought they can be added in.

My sister-in-law and I have been waiting for Salon International for most of the year, getting to see new releases from brands and products are sold at a cheaper price for the event which a got a couple of good deals of things I've wanted forever!

First up I'm starting with the few freebies I got handed to me as I walked around the exhibit. I got 2 products from Schwarzkopf's Fibreplex range, which I believe the 4 part range is designed to help strengthen and ready the hair before, during and after lightening, high-lifting and the colouring process. I got a 200ml bottle of the shampoo, it's meant to keep strengthening the hair and maintain the colour. The other item I got was a 100ml bottle of the no3 Bond Maintainer, this is a mask/deep conditioner, to be used twice a week from root to ends for a minimum of 5 minutes after shampooing your hair and then rinse. It's meant to maintain your improved quality of hair from using the other 3 products from this range, balance PH levels and protecting any new mechanical damage from hair colouring while locking in colour pigments. They both sound impressive, once I get around to using them and trying them out for a good amount of time, maybe I'd do a review post on them.

The third freebie I got was a 75ml tube of Phyto Elixir, it's meant for dry hair to gently cleanse and nourish hair and scalp. It's said to make your hair more shinier, subtle, softer and easier to untangle and it's says to skip conditioning completely. I have two more freebies left both by the brand Osmo, which I've never heard of before but they seemed very popular. First was a 25ml pot of Clay Wax, which I gave to my boyfriend. And lastly was a 100ml pot of Osmo Colour Radiance Mask, this is an intense nourishing sulphate free mask that smooths hair and reduces colour fade. I also got a ton, a ton of leaflets from brands and catalogs.

Now onto the products I bought, I'm going to start with a brush, the Tangle Tamer Ultra Brush from the brand Denman in black, priced at £12.50 but at Salon International it was £7, a nice bargain! I was long overdue a new brush, I previously had a many Tangle Teasers which I loved while they lasted but I hated the design of the brush, so I was looking for a paddle type brush that's was designed for very unmanageable hair which mine is, as its long and so far I'm loving it, glides right through my knotty hair,

The next 4 products are from the brand Osmo, which I previously mention a couple from a freebie pack and that I've never heard of them before. But as their stand was swamped with customers, I was drawn in and decided to try them out. I got 1000ml bottles of the Extreme Volume Shampoo and Conditioner I got them both for £10 together, once again bargain!!! The third product I got from Osmo was a 250ml tube of the Deep Repair Moisture Mask I got for £2 and the last out of the 4 is what I'm most excited for and that is a 250ml bottle of Effects Wonder 10 Leave-In Treatment priced £4. This is supposed to be a dupe of the It's A 10 Leave-In Treatment, and I've seen everyone and their mother rave about that product so I was super excited and had to get this to try, plus I was really in need of a leave-in treatment as my Aussie one is a couple sprays to empty.

The last 2 products I got from Salon International were also both from the same brand and that is Moroccan Oil. I got a 100ml bottle of the oil treatment, I bought it for £18, bargain!!! I've wanted to get my hands on this oil since forever, again everyone and their mother loves this stuff and I'm so excited to finally have it. The last product is a 50ml bottle of the Blow-Dry Concentrate, this is a new release from the brand and at the exhibit it was being sold for £10. This is meant to seal in shine and tames the most rebellious, unruly hair for a smooth, frizz-free look.It's infused with conditioning argan oil to increase softness and silkiness for easier brush glide and a speedier blow-out. Natural antioxidants work to help protect hair while enhancing texture and quality to leave it soft and lustrous.

All together these products cost me only £51 but if I were to have bought them all at regular retail price including the freebies they would have cost me so so much more!

As I said at the beginning of this post I went to Westfields Shopping Mall after Salon International, so I'm going to add the 3 items I bought in Superdrug onto this post. 2 of the 3 products were Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams priced at £4.99, in the shade Birthday Suit and Velvet Slipper. I had Birthday Suit before but I lost it on a night out which I was gutted about as I enjoyed that shade and the product which is a liquid lipstick. The last product was the Freedom Pro Highlight Palette priced at £6, I'm loving this brand and my highlight collection needed a palette as I was lacking in the highlight departments and I love it so far!

Phew I got to the end eventually, that was a fair amount of products to get through. If you want to see me do a review post on any of the items I bought then please leave me a comment below or contact me on my social media, all linked below. Thank you for reading. MWAH.

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