Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Perfume Collection

Hey my lovelies I hope you're all well and are having a good day. So today I've got my perfume collection for you. For some the amount I have from the cover picture it would be a lot and to some others it would be only a little amount but I think I have the right amount which is 6 different perfumes and 2 that I have doubles of.

First off I've got my all time favorite perfume which is the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh, I first got this for my 20th birthday from my boyfriend we had only been together for just under 2 months so he bought me that in a set with the body lotion and shower gel so it cost him £50-£55 and I thought that was a sensible amount for my present and only being early on in our relationship. I never used to be too keen on spending over £30 for a perfume I didn't see the point but now I would spend over that amount especially for this one. It smells like one of my very favorite sweets which is Parma Violets and violet is in the heart notes so that explains why it smells like that. I love it and think it's more of a spring and summer perfume but I wear it all year round. I have 2 bottles of this, one is almost empty and that is the very one I got from my boyfriend back in November 2013 and then I got a new one from him for Christmas. You can't not get your partner perfume/aftershave for Christmas, they always have to be one of the gifts for/from me they're essential.

Next I have my second favorite perfume which is Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, I bought this because my brother's girlfriend wears this a lot of the time and I loved the smell so I had to get it which was over a year ago. It has a very fruity floral smell to it as it has many fruits and flower scents in the notes. I actually discovered that it has a few of the same note ingredients in it as the Daisy Eau So Fresh but this one has no violet and is more of the vanilla side. When I smell this perfume it reminds me of going to the pubs and clubs as this is what I usually wear out for those occasions, I also think it's a perfume for all year round suited to all seasons.

Thirdly is obviously my third favorite which is Britney Spears Fantasy, I've re-bought this perfume for the longest time out of any perfume it was basically my first one I'd had for myself. My mum always has bought this for herself and I'd always use it until I finally got myself one. It smells very musky, woody with Jasmine which is was are in the notes with Jasmine petals being a heart note. I think this perfume is a seductive kind of intimate perfume if you get what I mean, more for going out occasions. I have 2 bottles of this which is the pink one with gems and the orange one which is the very same scent just in the stage limited edition bottle.

Fourth is Justin Bieber The Key, I've loved Justin since 2009 so obviously I'm a supportive fan or Belieber if you want to call me that (Yes I used to be a typical fan girl stalking his every move, but I've grown up now) so I bought all his perfumes he released which are Someday, Girlfriend and The Key. The one I currently have isn't my favorite out of his, I got it for Christmas from my mum. My favorite is Girlfriend but I love all 3 that he has. This perfume is again a fruity floral one, I find it's a perfume good for everyday use but I don't find the lasting power on this is that good, I can't smell it at the end of the day like my other perfume.

Fifth is Juicy Couture, Couture Couture and yes there are meant to be 3 Couture's it's not a type haha. I got this for Christmas 2013 from my brother and his girlfriend. I find this scent to be a grown up one, as it's not a fruity smell it's floral oriental, I think it's a perfume for those sophisticated grown up times for meetings and work but it is nice for everyday wear too. The scents that stick out for me are the Jasmine and Sandalwood in it which again Jasmine is the heart note.

Sixth is Britney Spears Curious, yep I think Britney Spears has lovely perfumes. I got this for my 21st birthday which was this passed November from my Boyfriend's mum. I think the scent of this is similar to the Juicy Couture one but a little more suited to teens, it has no Jasmine in it but it does have Sandalwood which makes them smell a little similar but this one has Vanilla Musk in it's heart notes that is very noticeable. It is more of a musky fruity perfume and great for everyday wear and all seasons.

I hope you liked this post, I'm sorry if my descriptions for the perfumes are awful but I'm not experienced at all for explain scents, these are just what I pick up on and think. If you like any of these perfumes let me know in the comments below or on my social media.. or have any recommendations for me then also let me know, I'm open to new perfumes to try out. Mwah.

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