Thursday, 12 February 2015

The 'Me Time' Tag!

This tag came up on my subscriptions on YouTube a few months ago (I had saved this in my drafts since it came out because I like this tag) from Fleur and after watching it, I knew I wanted to do this tag on my blog, as I love tags. They're easy to do when you have no idea what else to write about and they're also good for readers to get to know the blogger more personal.

What do you watch or read during me-time?
I usually browse the movie channels first to see if there are any of my faves on but if not I like to watch either TLC, E! Entertainment or Health & Home Channels. Also I watch my YouTube subscriptions with the TV in the background. I'm not reading anything at the moment, so for reading it would be my Bloglovin' feed.

What do you wear during me-time? #nobra
Usually leggings, fluffy socks and a plain top or hoodie.

What are your me-time beauty products?
For Face: Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser, A Montagne Jeunesse Mask, Nivea Creme. For Hair: Coconut Oil. For body: Soap & Glory Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath, Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish, Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Lotion.

Current favorite nail polish?
Barry M 161 Vivid Purple, 303 Bright Purple, 273 Raspberry, 355 Gold Mine Glitter & Essie Bahama Mama.

What do you eat/drink during me-time?
Rainbow Drops, Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Tyrrell's Crisps & Pepsi Max but I'm on a diet and wanting to be more healthy so I won't be having these treats all that much... All about the juicy fruit and water. ;)

Current favorite candle?
Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle.

Do you ever have outdoor me-time?
In the summer time yes, I'd go for a walk in the banks and fields where I live.

Would you ever go see a movie alone?
If there was a movie I really wanted to see and no one wanted to come with then yes.

Favorite online shop?
Does Boots count?

Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?
Cuddle with my boyfriend while watching movies and eating.

I hope you liked this tag, I tag you, so if you feel like doing this tag, be sure to do and comment below when you've done it so I can check yours out! If you haven't got a blog then leave a comment of your answers to this tag. I'd love to read your me-time must-haves and do's.

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