Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My Favorite YouTubers

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're well. Today's post is going to be telling you of my favorite YouTubers! I've been watching YouTube since about 2008/2009, I was 14-16 in this period so obviously I was just getting into wanting to take care about my appearance by wearing make-up, using heat tools on my hair and some what caring what I wear each day. 

First up is my all time favorite Youtuber that is a lot of other people's favorites as this person has 7+ million subscribers and that is Zoe Sugg known as Zoella in the YouTube and Blog world. I've been watching her literally since she started YouTuber in late 2009 where she always posted Primark Hauls, she loved a but of Primark back then. It's been amazing watching her come this far over the years and I've loved being apart of it. She's such a lovely hard working person that has achieved so much in her life it's so inspiring and uplifting to watch which makes her such a great role model and inspiration for young girls.

Next up is another YouTuber that I've watched for years since 2010 and that's Meghan Rienks, formally known as Meghan Rosette. She really hasn't changed a bit through all her success, she's still that bubbly and nutty girl she was when she begun YouTube. I love her personality, she's so fun and I never bore from her videos her attitude is so fresh to watch, I also love her Vlog channel as well. I love watching her latest Vlogmas where she got her nose job which has the name Olivia (I love that name!)

Away from the beauty scene a moment I have the SacconeJoly's, oh my I love this family they're so fun and warming to watch. It's amazing watching Emilia and Eduardo grow as well as Anna and Johnathon's love. I will be honest, I only started watch them last year when Zoe kept going on about watching them. So I;m always on the look out for new YouTubers and had to check them out and been hooked since.

Back to beauty again and I have Tess Christine, I love her videos especially her Get The Looks, she does them so well and spot on, and also her Get Healthy With Me series is one on my favorites as I'm trying to become healthy and she has amazing content on that. I've been watching her a few years now and she's one that's always consistent with her videos and works so hard on them, you can clearly see when you watch them. I love her personality, she's so kind and bubbly it's nice to watch

Lately I've been loving Australia YouTubers, no reason why I just found a couple that I love watching and they are Shani Grimmond and Danielle Mansutti. I've been watching Shani over a year now and she's so entertaining to watch. She does amazing tutorials from all different looks but she's not acting like a teacher per say in the tutorials, her personality shines through them and I find her hilarious, she always acts goofy and it's refreshing to watch. I discovered Dani only at the beginning of the year and already she's one of my favorites, she only started YouTube last year so I weren't to late coming across her channel. She's spoke a lot about her life in the past how she's always been bullied and that she was originally from the UK and moved to Australia years ago. She's so timid but her personality is lovely and each video she puts up she's becoming more and more confident and I love watching that. She also does lovely tutorials covering various looks which is nice to see.

Last up I got ThatcherJoe, yep the brother of Zoella. I've been watching him literally since he put up his first video in 2012 because he'd been in some of Zoe's videos and he made me laugh so when Zoe said he'd created a channel I was straight over there subscribing. I love his videos with Zoe, his accent videos, impressions and innuendo bingo the most. He is hilarious and hasn't changed at all though the whole time he's been on YouTube.

They're my favorites that I wanted to tell you about but I watch many many more YouTubers which I'm going to name for you. (Alphabetical Order from sub list) AlishaMarie, AllieMarieEvans, Amber Fillerup, Amelia Liana, Andrea's Choice, Anna Saccone, Annie Jaffrey, AprilAthena7, Arden Rose, Aspyn Ovard, Ava Allan, BeautyCrush, Beautyklove, BeautyLiciousInsider, BeautyTakenIn, Bethany Mota, BubzBeauty, Caitlin Bea, Cambria Joy, Carly Bybel, Casey Holmes, Caspar, Chloe Morello, Chloe Szepanowski, CiaooBelllaxo, Claudia Sulewski, Dulce Candy, Emily-Victoria Canham, Essie Button, Fleur DeForce, Gabriella Lindey, Gigi Gorgeous, Glitteralittle, iheartmakeup92, ilikeweylie, Ingrid Nilsen, Jackie Wyers, JLovesMac1, Kacey Laine, Kalyn Nicholson, Karissa Pukas, Kaushal Beauty, Kayley Melissa, Kingsley, Krazyrayray, LaurDIY, Lauren Curtis, Lauren Elizabeth, Lindsey Hughes, Lisa Pullano, Luxy Hair, MakeupByMandy24, MakeupByTiffanyD, MamaMiaMakeup, Marcus Butler, Marissa Lace, MayBaby, Melissa Merk, Michelle Phan, Miss Budget Beauty, MissTiffanyMa, MszJackieChu, mylifeasava, Nicole Guerriero, Niki and Gabi, Nikki Phillippi, PixieWoo, PointlessBlog, Rachel Talbott, RachLoves, Sam, Sarah Belle, Sara Fit, Shaaanxo, SierraMarieMakeup, SMLx0, SprinkleOfGlitter, StilaBabe09, Tanya Burr, Tara Michelle, thatMISSYgirl7, themaddiebruce, Vivian Vo-Farmer, Vivianna Does Makeup, xxoLeeny

Phew that was a lot of people to tell you about, I hope you liked this post and I gave you new people you could watch on YouTube, be sure to tell me your favorites in the comments below or on any of my social media. Thank you.

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