Thursday, 5 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara First Impressions Review

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're well. Today I have for you a very exciting review of the long awaited new mascara from Benefit the 'Roller Lash'

Benefit have teamed up with ELLE UK for the March issue of the magazine with a sample of the Roller Lash, with the magazine being £4 I found this an opportunity not to miss out on as I love They're Real Mascara and the promotion of this new mascara got me needing to try it.

It's said to be super-curling and lifting for your lashes with it's hook'n'roll brush, and has a snappy slogan #CurlsBestFriend. This mascara has been in development for 4 years so it hasn't been rushed and just chucked in the shops, Benefit have spent a lot of time on this mascara to make it perfect and different. It's supposed to give your lashes a soft, girly, eye-opening effect and put a stop to curling your lashes with those horrid and harsh may I add eyelash curlers, I don't like those things. And is a light-weight formula to keep your lashes curled for 12 hours.

97% said it visibly lifts lashes
87% said it gives long-lasting curl
94% said eyes look more wide open
*consumer panel survey on 31 women after 4 weeks

Now to my opinion I've worn it a couple times, I love the brush it grips onto my lashes very well and I think it does lift my eyelashes, gives them a slight curl and lengthens them quite a bit, I did put a couple coats on to test if it's easy to work and build able, I found it did build up nicely and the brush separates the lashes nicely. As for it's staying power, after a day at work it was still intact and visible on my lashes but they was a little bit of black product smudged under my eyes, which is one of the only drawbacks about the mascara for me. I would recommend this for you girls that have short and stubby eyelashes to give it a try, my lashes aren't short I'm quite lucky that my lashes are naturally a little long. So Benefit it's another thumbs up for me from your products.

My eyelashes with no mascara on.

 My eyelashes with 1 coat of Roller Lash on.

My eyelashes with 2 coats of Roller Lash on.

The 'Roller Lash' mascara will hit stores in the UK on the 27th February so it's this month. If your not sure whether you want to spend £19.50 on this mascara then go buy ELLE magazine NOW for the sample, hurry because I'd imagine the magazine to sell out like hot cakes!

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