Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Christmas 2014

Hey my lovelies, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your loved ones and got what you wanted. I know I'm very late on this bandwagon, but hey better late than never right?! Personally I love posts and videos of what people got for Christmas and what they did for the day, I don't know why I just do. As do many people so I thought I'd do one, my first one on this blog yay.

This year I was determined to make this a better Christmas than 2013 as my parents were going through a messy break up and it just wasn't a relaxing or enjoyable time last year, it was awkward and depressing. Also on Christmas Day 2010 around 9-10am (I think) my granddad (dad's dad) passed away and I was ever so close with him it broke my family and I's hearts to pieces so Christmas is always a sad time for us regardless of what else we have going on.

I am very happy to say this Christmas was the best one in years I was at my parents house (yes they are back together in case you didn't read my best of 2014 post) with my boyfriend, my little sister and brother, my older brother, his girlfriend, my niece and my nan whom is the wife of my passing granddad. All we did was exchange gifts, unwrap gifts, eat, talk, laugh and have a lovely day. Then at 5pm my brother, his girlfriend and my niece took my nan home and then they went to my brother's girlfriend's sisters house. My mum ended falling asleep, then my dad and boyfriend decided to get drunk so I was left to put my little sister and brother up to bed. And then I ended up tidying and washing up from dinner which was A LOT of stuff to wash.

I also got spoilt from everyone, I was surprised at how much I got. So I'm going to get the stuff not needed to have pictures of out of the way. I got tons and tons of pair of socks, like literally enough to last me a whole month without needing to use old pairs or ones that have been washed. 4 sets of pajamas's, 3 pairs of slippers, fluffy dressing gown, leggings, Simple make-up wipes and some money. You can never have enough of those I just mentioned to be honest. I also got a plastic pot/bin of beauty stuff; such as small and big pads for make-up removal, Simple make-up wipes, stick on nail designs, Montague Jeunesse face masks, small cherry Yankee Candle, Tube of mini parma violet sweets (my fave) Also as on the cover image I got a Vaseline pot with 3 Vaseline lip balms in original, cocoa butter and aloe vera.

Below are pictures of the exciting stuff I got and at the very bottom there's a caption of what they all are.

(Soap and Glory The Perfect Ten Palette, Make-Up Revolution London Palette, Mac Rebel Lipstick, NO7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Liner Pencil, Zoella Eyes Make-Up Bag, Maybelline The Colossal Mascara, Mac Studio Sculpt Foundations, Benefit They're Real Mascara, The Porefessional, Hoola Bronzer, Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Fragrance, Justin Bieber The Key Fragrance, Britney Spears Original and Limited Addition Fragrances. Merry Christmas Special Auntie Key Ring, Lauren Pen, Personalised Auntie Card Picture Frame, Pink and Silver Auntie Bracelet, Jon Richard Bracelet, White iPad Mini 1, Original Converse.)

I hope you liked this post and don't think I'm bragging because I'm not I love these posts and seeing what other people got or did Christmas Day. If you want a review on any of the stuff I got then leave a comment below or let me know on my social media. Thank you.

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