Friday, 16 January 2015

January Playlist

Hey lovelies, I hope you have, are having or had a lovely day. I listen to a lot of music, so I thought I'd tell you some of my favorites and most played at them moment. I like to see posts of what songs people are loving also, it introduces me to songs I may have not heard or new artists and bands. It's a good way of connecting and getting to know the person behind the blog you like. I'm going to be doing a playlist post for every month and it will be out in the middle of the month as this post is the middle of January so it makes sense to make the posts all in the middle.

As you can tell I'm loving Ariana Grande at the moment, she's one of my favorite artists. The Get On Your Knees link on YouTube is pitched because of copyright reasons. Leave a comment or tell me on any of my social media what your favorite songs, artists and bands are right now.

PS. Sorry about the bad quality picture, it looks absolutely awful because the days right now are very dull and not much sunlight and I needed to get a post out for you so I had to make the best out of the picture and edit it to the max on Photoshop. Also it's such bad quality because I have no camera, never have used one for my blog photo's, I use my iPhone 5 but.... I'm getting a camera very very soon eeekkk. I can't deal with low quality no more. I want to spend for £100 - £250 on a camera so if you know of any good DSLR cameras leave suggestions in the comments below or on my social media, it would be such a big help thank you.

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