Thursday, 22 January 2015

Beating The Bulge Plan!

Hey my lovelies, hope you're all well. On my new year post I mentioned that I've gained so much weight and how I'm not happy like this, I said I was thinking of doing posts of my progress or journey whatever you'd like to call it on losing weight. The way I'm going to do it is do weekly posts with the foods I've eaten everyday, how I feel and if I've lost any weight, but I'm not going to reveal my actual weight size because I'm not comfortable doing so right now. I don't tell anyone not even family my weight neither do I let them see the scales when I'm on them but I haven't weighted myself in literally at least half a year, I get scared and chicken out. I've told you my clothes size which is 12-14, mainly 14 though so there's a visual of my size. I'm not sure whether I want to share a full body picture of myself either as I hate seeing myself like this but I may take one then when I've hopefully lost weight and pretty much got back to the size I'm comfortable at I'll do a post where I'll tell you my starting weight to my ending weight with pictures of before and after.

Now here's my weight loss plan!
* STOP with the takeaways. They literally are my weakness, as I live at my boyfriend's mum's house with his mum obviously, sister and his mum's partner so we think it's easier and out of the way if we get a takeaway for dinner. We don't have them for dinner every night but we have them more than enough. Maybe have one a month for a treat though.
* STOP pigging out on sweets and chocolate. You know, my boyfriend and I are snuggled in bed watching TV and we just gravitate to eating crap.
* Replace the sweets and chocolate with fruit and vegetables
* Cut down on fizzy drinks. My boyfriend and I have a 2 litre bottle of Pepsi Max everyday because it's easier than keep going downstairs refilling out cups of with water or juice.
* Drink more water
* Drink more green tea. This is what a lot of Chinese people drink because it helps with headaches to depression and also it's great for weight loss as it is believed the antioxidants catechins and caffeine speeds up metabolism. I used to drink a few cups of tea a day at the beginning and middle of the year then I stopped.
* Drink lukewarm fresh lemon water in the morning. It gets your metabolism going and work faster. 
* Drinking fresh lemon water is detoxing for the body as well as good for speeding you metabolism up. 
* Make my meals a smaller more sensible portion
* MOVE MORE! Because I don't move enough.
* Join the gym with my sister in law & try to go for daily walks  

Katie Hopkins' documentary was a kick in the gut wake up call for me, she says eat less more move and that's going to be my motto but like EAT LESS (CRAP) MOVE MORE! Because the eat less comes across as if losing weight means starve yourself but that is no way right or healthy. As soon as you start eating properly again the weight will pile back on and maybe even more if you starve yourself. My mum did that and as soon as she started eating again even if it wasn't lots of crap she still gained a lot of weight.

I think my plan is pretty decent and easy to follow. Maybe some of you could join in with me? If you feel like it then leave comments on my diet posts of your progress, or make your own posts and link me to them or tell me on my social media's which are linked at the bottom of this post.

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