Sunday, 18 January 2015

Posting Schedule

Hey lovelies. I hope you're well and have, are having, or had a nice day. Today I am pleased to inform you all on my blog posting schedule so you'll know when I'll be posting each week and it also gives me an aim and motivation to get planning and writing blog posts. That is a new years resolution for me as well as being organised by writing ideas for posts in my notebook as soon as I think of them so later on when I sit down to write a post I won't have brains fart as it'll be all wrote down in my notebook. Also I will be scheduling posts so on days where I have loads of ideas, time and motivation to write posts I will try and get as many done then but of course they won't be rushed and chucked together so just for the days where I don't feel up to writing and it's a posting day I'll have something wrote out for it. If I didn't have set days then there will be some weeks where I don't feel up to writing posts so I won't post at all that week and like before it could be months before I post something, which I don't want that to happen again. I love blogging and reading others blogs' so I'm going to keep this up. It is what I'm happy doing and what I've wanted to do forever but just haven't felt brave enough to do until last year.

My schedule for blog posts will be:
Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm GMT/UK time and sometimes a Sunday again at 6pm.

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