Sunday, 25 January 2015


Woohoo, I am so pleased to tell you all that I finally have a camera for my blog, I have been using my iPhone 5 to take all my pictures which is why my pictures always looked crappy and I couldn't take the quality no longer it's awful for blog content. I'm a total noob at cameras but I didn't want just a basic digital camera I wanted it to be more decent and advanced. I did contemplate on getting the Canon EOS 600D as I've seen that a lot of bloggers and YouTubers use it for their images and videos and I loved the quality it produces but it's a bit too advanced for me as a first camera and it was out of the budget I set for my first camera. Obviously I'm no photographer I'm just a basic person who likes to take photo's but has not much knowledge of photography.. I will be learning more though for the quality of my blog.

What I was looking for is decent image and video quality and a flip/tilt-able viewfinder so if I were to take pictures of a make-up look on myself then I'd be able to see if I'm in frame and focus. The camera I got is the Sony Alpha a5000 Compact System Camera with 16-50 mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Zoom Lens in Black as I thought I wanted the camera to be able to fit in my bag nicely and isn't to big a bulky and I can take it anywhere easily. My boyfriend and I have set a goal of a certain amount of followers I have for my blog until I can buy a more advanced and expensive camera. Also the price of this camera was well in my price budget, I was happy to spend between £200 to £300 and this was £259. I also bought a 32 GB memory card for the camera, I'm gonna be taking a lot of photo's and maybe videos so I need a fair amount of memory.

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