Friday, 14 March 2014

Hair, skin & body health drink - Lemon water

Lemon's are very good for you, they have many benefits for your body, skin, hair and overall health. They're rich in vitamin C and also contains vitamin B, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Body: Drinking lemon water everyday will help you lose weight as it speeds up your metabolism and gives you an immediate natural boost of energy, a tip is to drink lukewarm lemon water as soon as you wake up to get the full effects. It cleanses your stomach which helps get rid of indigestion, bloating, stomach pains and cramps. It detoxifies your liver and strengthens and boosts your immune system. It can also cure almost all respiratory diseases such as asthma. Also it helps your oral health by making your breath fresh. Lemon's are acidic but when inside our body it alkalizes.

Skin: Lemons are full of anti oxidants which helps restore the damaged skin cells in your body. Lemon water purifies your body by washing out the toxins from your blood which keeps your skin clear and glowing. It helps get rid of blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines, making it a great anti-ageing remedy. Drinking lemon water constantly can help cure acne, blackheads and skin infections.

Hair: Lemon water helps strengthen your hair by making your hair follicles and roots healthy and promotes new hair growth so as your hair grows it's condition will be overall healthy and strong. Lemon's are a natural stimulant and since lemons contain the essential vitamins and minerals that aids healthy hair growth such as vitamins C, B,  calcium, potassium, ectLemon water also helps to treat dry scalp and dandruff because of the anti oxidant that lemon's posses which is very beneficial for your scalp, and if you have oily hair it has the ability to reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands that is present in your scalp, which prevents the hair follicles from getting blocked or clogged.

I have only just started getting into drinking lemon water for about a week now after seeing many videos on YouTube about the benefits of drinking lemon water so I thought I'd write a blog post about it. And so far I'm liking it, I only am drinking one pint of lemon water a day which is when I wake up and I have it lukewarm as cold water will shock your body and it won't work as effectively and fast as lukewarm.

I hope you liked this blog post and it helped you in any way. If you do try lemon water out then leave me a comment on here or on my social media sites as I'd love to talk to you. 


  1. I found this quite helpful so thank you for sharing! I had no idea it was so good for your hair, or skin for that matter, so will definitely have to give this a try next week. I'm asthmatic, so if this helps with that, this will be so helpful :)
    Tania xx

    1. I'm glad your found it helpful, I'd read and seen a lot of videos about lemon water, so I jumped aboard the lemon water bandwagon and thought I'd write a blog post about it also. I'm asthmatic too, so I'm hoping it does it good also. Let me know how drinking lemon water goes for you! :)

      Lauren Xo