Thursday, 28 May 2015

Shimmery Purple Eyeshadow Look

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world. I have another eye shadow look for you, my 2nd one as I've been exploring and being more daring with trying more eye shadow looks that aren't just champagnes and browns.

This look I experimented with is my favorite color and also is a color that makes green eyes POP, which I have greens eye but for some reason in photos with flash or where there's a lot of light my eyes look blue, it's really bizarre but I can definitely confirm my eyes are green haha. I tend to wear this look on the weekends when I'm working, to make it more fun and makes it look like I've put more effort in on my appearance as during the week I can be lazy and just wear mascara and eyeliner on my water line.

I used 1 palette for this look which is the Revolution Ultimate Eye Shadow Collection, it has 144 shadows that are a mix of matte and shimmer, from nudes, bronzes and bright colors. I find this palette is great for the price, the color pay off is nicely pigmented for a palette this cheap in price.

First up I used a matte champagne color for a base color all over my eyelid, this helps the other colors blend easier and show up more. Then I used a brick red/brown shade for my transition color just above my crease, this helps with the main eye shadow color not being such a hard block color and makes all the eye shadow look more put together. For my crease color I used a dark brown, and then a black for the outer V of my eyes. Now onto the purple, I first used a matte bright purple mixed with a matte dark purple and put that all over my eye lids, and on top of that I dampened my eye shadow brush and got a shimmery purple and applied it on top of where I put the previous matte purples, this helps deepen the color and builds it up to look nicer. I find when using a shimmer color as the main color of my eye shadow look that dampening the brush makes it more pigmented. After I've done all that I like to grab a clean fluffy eye shadow brush a make sure all the harsh edges are blended. And lastly to finish the eye look I apply a shimmer champagne color for my inner corner to brighten that area and make me look more awake.

I hope you like this eye shadow look that I purely created because I wanted a nice purple shadow look and this is what I came up with after playing around. If you recreate this look on yourself then please do leave a comment below linking me to your picture or post, or contact me on my social medias with a picture. If you post on Instagram then maybe use the hashtag #lourauhlspurpleeye.

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