Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My Current YouTuber Loves

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world. Today's post I'm sharing with you the Youtubers I've been loving watching lately, as I'm literally obsessed with YouTube.

Back in February I did a post about my all-time favorite YouTubers here, they still haven't changed but I have new YouTubers that I've been watching and loving lately which I wanted to share with you.

First up I have 3 people that I discovered through watching DaniMansutti as she said they're her latest YouTube faves that she's been obsessed with so I checked them out and they are LustreLux, DesiPerkins and Chrisspy. They do such beautiful and in depth make-up tutorials that help me out so much, they also have such great personalities and the 3 of them are very close friends which is nice to see.

The next one I've been subscribed to for a long long time but recently been more obsessed with and that's Shaaanxo. Her videos are such high quality and she also makes such beautiful make-up tutorials that I literally want to re create every one. She is also very informative with the products she uses and advice she gives.

Next up is KrissyGrotez, she's Australian so I'm literally obsessed with her accent! I think she is such an underatted and an un-discovered YouTube gem, her videos are just as amazing as the previous girls I just spoke about who have around a million subscribers. She does lovely tutorials, she's got a lovely personality that makes her good to watch. I think she deserves much more subscribers than the 24k+ she has, so check her out.

The last of my latest YouTuber loves is JackieWyers, her videos are amazingly beautiful and you can see she puts in so much effort for each and everyone. She does so many different make-up, hairstyles and videos that make her so fun as well as informative to watch.

That's all my current YouTuber loves, I hope you liked this post and maybe I introduced you to new YouTube channels to check out. Feel free to leave me comments below or talk to me on my social media links.

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