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Dress Link Haul & Review

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Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world. For today's post I have a review of the site Dress Link, I discovered this site from watching a YouTube video which I can't remember what one is was now.

As I am a make-up lover, I had a little collection of make-up brushes and I was in need of more to ass to my collection. As on my wishlist I posted a while back I have my eye on the Zoeva brushes but while I saved for them I was on the look out for a cheap collection which is when I came across this very cheap priced site. I looked up more reviews of this on YouTube to make sure it was safe and trusted which it was so away I ordered.

I made my order on March 19th and had received it by March 24th, I was so shocked at how quick the delivery was as it was all the way from china and I was informed that delivery was from 5 to 20 days so I didn't expect it for a least 10 days. I got a 32 Make-Up Brush Set costing £6.55 20 Make-Up Brush Set costing £3.60, 10 Make-Up Brush Set costing £4.91 and a 15 Cream Concealer Palette costing £2.21 so as a total it come to £17.34, I paid more for the delivery than I did for the products as delivery was £20.89. I was informed once I made the order that my order may be packaged in several packages but they had all been in the same package.

The quality of brushes are very good considering the cheap prices they are, they're soft and feel nice to use on the face. They do have a smell to them like a factory and synthetic smell but I don't find it a bother, they can easily be washed to take the smell away. I would definitely buy from Dress Link again as my first experience was better than I'd expected which made me very impressed as reviews I'd seen online we're all very mixed, but from my experience I would recommend the site and the products as being so cheap in price it's definitely worth it, it's all whether you'd pay for the delivery as that isn't so cheap.

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