Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Weekday Morning Routine

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world. While I was getting ready the other morning I was thinking maybe I could do a post on how my morning routine goes. It by no means always goes like this every single morning, I usually do this on mornings where I don't have work or have to rush out... basically it's my Monday morning routine.
I wake up with my boyfriend at about 5.30 - 5.45am, but we don't get up we just lay in bed cuddling and I usually have to tickle his arms, belly or back haha, bless him he wouldn't like me telling his secret love of tickles. Then at 6am he has to get up and get ready for work, so while he's getting washed and dressed I'll go put his ready made lunch into his bag and make him a drink for the day. He leaves at around 6.20am so I'll give him a kiss, cuddle and tell him I love him, we tell each other all the time. :) (Sorry for the mushy gooshy parts) Then I'll jump right back into bed, check my social media on my phone for about 15 minutes and then I'll go back to sleep.

 I usually wake up properly around 9 - 10am, laying starfish over my boyfriend and I's bed. First I'll check my phone and have a nose on that until I feel ready to kick start my day. On Monday's I like to put a hair mask in my hair, so it's usually my pamper morning of the week. So I'll smother coconut all over my hair from my scalp to the very ends and then tie it up to sit for however long I desire. After the coconut oil is in my hair, I'll tidy my room up and make the bed, then gather any plates, cups, cutlery etc. and take them downstairs to the kitchen and wash them all up. Once that's done I'll fill my water bottle up with cold fresh water to wake me up and hydrate me and maybe brew a cup of tea of some sort then for breakfast I'll either have some fruit, or low fat Philadelphia cheese on toast, or cereal. I'll take them upstairs back in to my room to eat and drink and put Netflix on to watch Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl at the moment or I'll watch Sky TV usually a cookery program such as Masterchef and programs like that or see if the Kardashians' are on. While I'm watching that I some times go on my laptop and check YouTube and my favorite blogs out. When I've eaten my breakfast and drunk my  water I'll go wash whatever I've used up. I hate leaving stuff in the kitchen sink to fester, I have to wash them up straight away. Then once it's been about and hour or 2 after I put the coconut oil in my hair, by now it's around 11 to half past I'll run a bath and get in it to wash my hair and body. After my bath which usually lasts around half hour thanks to the coconut oil which takes a little more time to get fully out my hair than when I just regularly wash my hair. I'll get dried and then dressed and do my necessary hair care, apply my make-up and I'm set for the day!

I hope you liked this post, it's not as entertaining as a YouTube video of morning routines but I'm a blogger not a YouTuber so I write it in a post. If you want to see a post on my bath routine and my hair routine in depth with all the products I use then feel free to leave a comment on this post or on my social media.

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