Thursday, 19 March 2015

Happy 1st Birthday!

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day. As you can see by the title it's a 1st birthday for someone/something... and that is THIS BLOG! Yesterday marked a year since I created this blog and published my first ever post! I can't even believe I'm still blogging to be honest, my attention span is the size of a child still, I find it hard to stick to doing things but I wanted for so long to be apart of the beauty community after years of watching beauty Youtubers, yet I knew I wouldn't be able to film videos of myself because I'm too shy so blogging was the choice for me.

I love blogging, it's an amazing feeling after each blog post I create and publish, as that's my own work and effort and when I see people viewing them I get a fuzzy feeling inside of happiness. Even though my views are only double figures it's still amazing to me, everyone starts somewhere, we all experience the same stages at the start.

The things that have been highlights for me in the first year of blogging are being apart of the #BloggersDoItBetter Challenges, they were great. We'd get a topic from the creator of the challenge and we'd do a blog post about that topic, it happened once a fortnight (two weeks). I had amazing feedback on all my posts I did during this challenge, like they were literally the only posts I had comments on. This post was my most successful I'd say. But as you may or may not know I stopped blogging for some months due to being lazy and lack of inspiration and when I did begin blogging again I didn't see any more challenges for the #BloggersDoItBetter. And another highlight was reaching 50 Bloglovin' followers, I know to some people this may seem a pathetic amount but to me it's amazing and I thank everyone who follows my blog and views it.

I have some things I'd like to accomplish for my next year of blogging.

  • Communicate with more bloggers. I don't really do that currently because I think I'd be ignored or something but I'm going to get out there and talk to as many as I can, comment on their posts, and make friends.
  • I want to be apart of another group/challenge like I was with #BloggersDoItBetter, it was a great experience to be apart of and it made me feel more apart of the blogging community. 
  • Literally be more organised with my posts, like have set days where I'll sit down and write posts, any idea I get for posts I'll write down the moment I think of it, try to post so it goes in order like beauty post, hair post, lifestyle post then tag post. If you get what I mean, a routine.. I have a posting routine for the days I post but not any set topics it's all random.
  • Be more brave and make tutorial posts of make-up looks and hairstyles. I'm going to experiment more on make-up looks and hairstyles than just sticking to my usual ones so I have more and better content for you.
  • Reach 100 Bloglovin' followers, omg that would be so amazing to me!
  • Re-design my blog, I've had the same design for a whole year and what I was thinking was redesign my blog for each season so it's goes with it like the color scheme.
  • Branch out and try more and different products so I have better knowledge to make better posts and more of a variety.
  • And my last thing to accomplish would be to just have fun and love what I'm blogging about.

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