Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My Current Tattoos & Future Wanted Tattoos

Hey my lovelies, hope you're well and are having a good day. Today's post is about my tattoos and tattoos I want to get in the future. So if you like tattoos carry on reading.

I have 2 tattoos currently and I want a few more but I'm more of a little tattoo type person than having big ones on my body. I like words and phrases more than picture tattoos. So my first tattoo I got a few days after my 19th birthday (in 2012 on November 21st and my birthday is the 18th) and that was the word Believe on my right wrist, I had it so the word was facing me rather than outwards so I could see it. I got this tattoo for 2 reasons one because my favorite celebrities always said Believe in yourself and you can do anything and stuff that which are Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato and the other reason is because around this time I was depressed, I had issues with myself and was going through a rough time so I wanted to get a tattoo with meaning and when I'd look at it, it would help me.

My 2nd tattoo I got August 14th 2013 and it's the word Faith with birds flying away from the word and you may recognize it because it's the tattoo that Demi Lovato has also, yep copy cat right here. But I was obsessed with this tattoo I thought it was beautiful and inspiring so I had to get it. When I got this tattoo I was still depressed and going through the same issues I had during my first tattoo.

I have a few tattoos in mind that I would want in the future. When I've lost weight and am at the size I'd like to be I would like a double dream catcher that I want on the side of my rib, I've always wanted a dream catcher tattoo and I know it's 'basic' for girls but they look so beautiful and not trashy when done with a decent tattooist. On the opposite side that I will have my dream catcher tattoo I want the words 'Love Yourself' just under where my bikini top/bra would finish so obviously when I'm wearing a bathing suit etc you'd see it. I also want just a simple heart on the bottom of my ring finger, also when I get married I'd like to have maybe the date I got married or my husbands initial of his name just below where my wedding ring(s) would go, I think that's cute and I'd want my husband to get the same.

(The tattoo with Just Breathe on is an example of the Love Yourself tattoo I want)

I hope you liked this post, I'll obviously keep you posted for whenever I do get these tattoo's or when I next get one. Let me know what tattoo's you have and/or want to get in the future in the comments below or on my social media links. Thank you.

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