Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Hi! Hello! I'm back! Where have I been?

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world.

Long time no post! Do you remember me? Probably not, my blog didn't really have much interaction from viewers to be remembered. So hey, hello... my name's Lauren, I'm 22 will be 23 next month (November 18th) I mostly blog about make-up, hair and with with a little lifestyle thrown in there. They're my interests and what I love to blog about.

Now let me get to why I stopped blogging for almost 16 months, not that I had much reason to stop. I stopped as work took over pretty much everyday, I was a barmaid in a pub 6 days a week and I'd also clean the pub every morning 6 days a week and some weeks that meant I didn't have one day off which took its toll on me. I literally felt so stressed, fed up and unhappy and all I wanted to do when I did have free time was relax or go out with my boyfriend as like I said I didn't get much free time. So I put blogging on hold while I searched for a job, one which was 9-5 weekday job so I could finally have weekends free to enjoy and to start blogging again.

In April this year I did finally get a new job, at a children's nursery as their cook which I'm enjoying but being in a kitchen with time limits to keep up with can be stressful but I deal with it. I do the washing and drying of blankets, aprons for dinner etc. I make their AM and PM snacks, set up and dish up their lunch (A catering company cooks and delivers the lunch) Clean everything up after lunch, and after that's all done I prepare and cook their tea, it never stops haha!

But anyway even though I've been at this new job for 6 months now, I've only now just started to get back to blogging... I think for that while I was just enjoying having my evenings and weekends back as my previous jobs have been awful shift work that were taking away my evenings and weekends. Now I'm back, ready with a few posts written and scheduled and have future post ideas written down!

I will be posting on Tuesday's, Thursday's and the occasional Sunday at 6pm, the same as my blogging schedule before this hiatus. My first blog post will be Thursday (13th Oct) at 6pm and it's The Autumn Tag 2016, it's already done and scheduled for posting. I had fun doing it and I hope you like it. Please feel free to leave comments below with any feedback or questions or contact me on my social media if you'd like to chat. Thank you. MWAH.

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