Tuesday, 18 October 2016

I Saw Justin Bieber At His Purpose Tour!!!

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all well and are having a good day wherever you are in the world.

On Wednesday 12th October I went to see Justin Bieber on his Purpose Tour at the O2 Arena, in London. So I thought I'd write a post on my wonderful time witnessing Justin's heavenly presence performing live in front of me with the very few pictures I took.

I've seen Justin 3 times now, once for each of his 3 Worldwide Tours, My World Tour, Believe Tour and his current Purpose Tour. I've loved him since the summer of 2009 and back then I said to myself that I would make it to each of his Worldwide Tours, and thus far I've been successful and I'm very grateful to have been able to do so. But I'm not only seeing him the once on his current tour, I'm seeing him twice. I'm going to see him November 28th, when he comes back to the O2 Arena in London for another 2 shows.

I'd heard from articles online that throughout this tour all he does is mainly lip sync, so I was a bit annoyed if this actually was true but he sung live on every song except his finale which was Sorry and he has water pouring down on him so it makes sense that he doesn't sing for that as electrics have to be off. Yes he did have playback playing on his dance songs so he can dance but I could clearly hear him singing along, and that was mainly only on the chorus of the songs.

The opening acts for his Europe Tour are Mic Lowry and The Knocks. I've never heard of either of them if I'm honest. Mic Lowry were a 5 part boy band from Liverpool, they were so good and had amazing vocals and harmonies. The Knocks are an EDM duo from America, they were good but they're not my type of genre so I didn't enjoy their set as much as I did Mic Lowry.

Justin opens the show singing Mark My Words, in which he comes from underground in a clear windowed box that he stays in for the whole song, he writes words such as 'hope' etc on the windows while he's singing the song. Then he performs, Where Are U Now, Get Used To It, I'll Show You, The Feeling. He then has an acoustic set of the songs Cold Water and Love Yourself. After his chilled and intimate acoustic set, he's back to dancing to Been You, Company, No Sense, Hold Tight, No Pressure, As Long As You Love Me, Children, Let Me Love You, Life Is Worth Living, What Do You Mean, Baby, Purpose and ends with Sorry.

He was so amazing, he's definitely gotten better, he was in such great spirits and was so hyper. It was lovely to see as when he was here for the Believe Tour, he didn't have such a great time here as that's when he was going through a bit of trouble. And the show I went to was when he was an hour late and the papers said he was basically being a diva but we were told while we were waiting that they were having technical difficulties which no one believed.

Oh I didn't mention my seat, I didn't have floor, front row seats or standing in the pit unfortunately, I sat on Level 4 in block 20. Yeah the top level but I was on the side and I could see very well and I went all on my own. For when I see him in November I've got a better seat on Level 1, block 107 and I can't wait to experience it all over again, with my brother and sister-in-law this time. I'll be sure to take more pictures then as I'll be with people and feel much for comfortable.

If you saw Justin tell me your experience in the comments below and what Tour(s) it/they were. If you are yet to see Justin then tell me your Tour date, maybe your going the date I'm going to November 28th. I have some of the performances up on my YouTube now if you'd like to check them out, I still have yet to upload them all though. Thank you for reading, I hope you liked it. MWAH.


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  1. i love your photos, i hope you had a great time and have an amazing time when you see him again! i saw him at the My Worlds tour and Purpose Tour! unfortunately i didn't get to see him at the Believe Tour. he's definitely amazing at performing live:) x


    1. Thank you! I thought your pictures were much better, and we were sitting very near each other. What camera did you use? The quality looks amazing so zoomed in. He definitely is a born performer. :) Xo