Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Hair Update!

So as the title states, this post is a hair update, not an update on the growth of my hair from the Operation Healthy Long Locks project I started. The update on my hair is the color! Since I had strayed from my blog about 5 month ago, you last saw my hair was Ombré and then I took the blonde higher up my hair so it was 75% blonde and 25% my natural hair color which is at my roots. Many would say my hair wasn't much Ombré as there wasn't much of a gradient section as usual Ombré but there was a little so it looked blended and not just a clear line from brown to blonde.

I've always been anti-bleach in my hair because I want and strive for my hair to be as healthy as can be and grown much longer, with your hair bleached it can do a lot of damage. But I thought what the heck and as cheesy as this is, it's true "you only live once!" I loved having Ombré but I wanted more blonde than I originally did have, and so I went 75% blonde. It worked for me because it sort of was a way of me being a blonde head but not to the roots as I'm originally brunette so the growth back would be horrendous and I'm not about the life of getting my hair re-dyed every 6 weeks, that is too much. So I opted for it to be so I can leave it for months without need to get it re-dyed which is what I liked about it.

But at the beginning of September I'd had enough of all that blonde, my boyfriend, family and friends told me many times within those short 4 months of having my hair like that, they thought it was awful and they hated it. I ended up hating it myself but it was different for me, the only option for me was to go back brunette. Well I still have blonde in my hair, I had lots of small highlights throughout all of my hair and a light brown all over and I love it. Also I had a trim because obviously with the blonde I had, it did make my ends a little damaged and now it feels, looks and is so much more healthy. I definitely will be keeping my hair like this for a fair long while this time, my hair needs and deserves a rest.

(Top left is my original ombré, top right is the first of more blonde application. Second left is second and last application of blonde as well as second right. The last third row is my hair a couple days after I had my hair dyed with highlights and the last two picture's are my hair now, over a month onwards.)

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this post. Did you like my hair Ombré, mostly blonde or brunette with highlights? Feel free to leave comments about my hair and all my social media's are linked at the bottom of this post as every post.

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