Wednesday, 19 November 2014

It's All About Me Tag!

I've seen this post floating about through my Bloglovin' feed and as I love tags I had to do it, plus it gives you a little more info on me, so you know more of  me other than being a beauty blogger.

Vital Statistics:
Me: Lauren.
Nicknames: Lou, Loz, Lozza, Lol.
Birthday: November 18th. So yes my birthday was yesterday. (when this post was posted)
Place of Birth: Kent, England.
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.
Male or Female: Female.
Occupation: Customer Team Member at a supermarket.
Residence: Kent
Screen Name: Lourauhls

Hair Colour: Brown with Blonde Highlights.
Hair Length: Longish.
Eye colour: Green.
Best Feature: Eyes.
Height: 5ft 6.
Braces?: Nope.
Glasses?: Nope.
Piercing: Ears Twice and Belly Button.
Tattoos: The word 'Believe' on my right wrist which was inspired by Justin Bieber and also I've been though some rough times in my teens with insecurities mainly and I wanted this tattoo so I can see it everyday and have it help me and Faith with birds on the outer of my right forearm just like Demi Lovato, I fell in love with her tattoo and wanted it for so long, also faith was to give me some help for my low points as well.
Righty or Lefty: Righty,

Your 'Firsts':
First best friend: My cousin called Hanna.
First Award: Probably a teacher award for getting 10 house points in primary.
First Sport You Joined: I'd say Basketball.
First Real Vacation: I think it was Cornwall when I was a few years old, I always went there as a child. But don't quote me on that.
First Concert: Justin Bieber's My World Tour in 2011.
First Love: My childhood boyfriend we were literally on and off from late primary to the year I left secondary.

Movie: Home Alone 1 & 2.
TV Show: Pretty Little Liars.
Colours: Purple and Yellow.
Song: I can't possibly pick but my favorites in mind are from Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Paramore and Ariana Grande. I'll tell you one from each. Turn To You - Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato - Believe In Me, Paramore - Ain't It Fun, Ariana Grande - One Last Time.
Candy: Rainbow drops and Parma Violets, childhood faves and still are my faves.
Restaurant: The Wheatsheaf Hungry Horse.
Store: Boots.
School: Don't have one always hated School.
Book: The DIMILY & Danger series.
Magazine: Heat.
Shoes: Converse.

Feeling: Loved.
Single or Taken: Taken.
Eating: Nothing.
Typing: This post.
Online: Bloglovin', Twitter and Youtube.
Listening To: TV.
Thinking About: My boyfriend.
Wanting: A new job!
Watching: The Heat.
Wearing: Leggings, black vest with my oversized purple hoody.

Want Children?: Yes.
Want to be Married: Yes.
Careers in Mind: Admin or Blogger/writer. I'm a qualified Beautician and Masseuse so being a blogger/writer for this would be a dream.
Where do you want to live?: Anywhere with my boyfriend as long as we're close to our family.

Have you ever:
Kissed a Stranger: Yes, in drunken states.
Had Alcohol: Yes.
Smoked: Yes, once again in drunken states.
Ran Away From Home: Nope.
Broken a bone: Nope.
Got an X-ray: Probably.
Broken Someone's Heart: Probably at some point.
Broke Up With Someone: Yes.
Cried When Someone Died: Yes.
Cried At School: Yes. (I'm a very emotional person!)

Do You Believe In:
God: In a way I do, in a way I don't
Miracles: Yes
Love At First sight: No
Ghosts: Yes
Aliens: No
Soul Mates: Yes
Heaven: Yes
Hell: Yes
Kissing on The First Date: Yes
Yourself: Not all the time.

I hope you liked this tag, I tag you all reading this, so if you feel like doing this tag, be sure to do so and comment below when you've done it so I can check yours out! If you haven't got a blog then leave a comment of your answers to this tag. I'd love to read all about my readers. 

Also I turned 21 yesterday which was November 18th, so I will be posting a birthday post, with what I did and gifts... Not for bragging purposes just because I'm one who likes to read others posts and watch their videos on their birthdays and I know plenty people do also.

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