Monday, 10 November 2014

Where have I been?!

I would really love to have some sort of an acceptable excuse as to why I haven't posted anything since May, but I haven't to be honest. Yes work has been busy for me, I've had a lot of shifts over the summer. I've had days off of course but I was either going out or indoors, just not focusing on my blog. It is a bummer that I haven't kept up my blog to me because I love to blog and read blogs, it's just i'm not the best at sticking at anything. It's not that I lose interest, I some times get stuck with ideas of what posts to do and with my job not being full time I don't have a ton of money to keep buying products ect. for the purpose of this blog so I some times am limited with reviews and stuff. I also become lazy and obviously I'm a beginner at blogging so my audience isn't very big so I think in my head 'well no one really cares for my blog or if I post' so I drift away without purposely meaning or wanting to.

I really do want to keep blogging and get a much bigger audience because beauty, hair and lifestyle stuff is what I love and literally I want to have my blog succeed not just for me but to help others out with certain topics for their lives.

I am back to blogging & will keep at it this time for sure!
New post will be up TOMORROW early noon.


  1. Yay you're back!! I wondered where you had been :) Glad you're back! Remember it is perfectly acceptable to take time away from the blog xx
    Tania xx

  2. Yeah finally!! Thank you, I've been wanting to come back for a couple months now but only now felt like it was the right time. Yeah I know, but I'd barely started when I stopped blogging haha.
    Lauren Xo