Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My favourite quick & healthy(ish) meal

My diet isn't very healthy, I admit that and I hate how unhealthy I am with my diet. But I live at my boyfriends' house which he still lives with his parents and I got in the habit where I just buy my boyfriend and I snacks such a crisp, popcorn, sweets, chocolate and not forgetting the many fizzy drinks. I pretty much hate juice and water is boring, I only like to drink it from a bottle if I do have it. 

Back to when I was at college I was very good with drinking water I had a water bottle and just refilled it with normal cold tap water and I'd drink a lot on a daily basis, but that's just gone out the window now. I love fruit and vegetables but obviously where I live with my boyfriends' family, if I bought stuff like that they would need to be in the refrigerator or kitchen which results in them getting eaten by others, so my boyfriend and I would hardly get a chance to eat what we bought that's why I buy snacks where they're okay to be stored in our room. When my boyfriend and I have our own house, trust me on this my kitchen will be full of fruit and vegetables, all that healthy stuff. I'd even have a blender so I can make loads of healthy smoothies.. mmmmm I can't wait to move out whenever that be, hopefully within 5 years. I'm only 20 so I got plenty of time and having a house is a big responsibility and shouldn't be rushed.

Now on to my salad which is why I'm writing this post! 

Mmmmmm look how yummy that looks though, and I'm eating it while writing this blog post. Gobble, gobble, munch, munch, nom, nom!

When I have a taste to be healthy there is one quick and easy meal I ALWAYS turn to and that's a salad that contains iceberg crunchy lettuce, mixed olives, feta cheese and croutons with caeser salad dressing on top. My family and friends all aren't very good with a healthy diet and they're always like "how can you eat a salad with no meat?!" I don't think the salad needs meat, for me the olives fill in for the meat and I prefer them.

I came across making this salad when the Supermarket where I work had a ready made Greek salad that had all what I put in mine, minus the caeser dressing. It had a different dressing but I don't know what it was. Anyway one day they took that salad off the shelves which didn't go very well for me as I loved eating it. So I decided to make it myself and as I love caeser wraps I thought I'd put caeser sauce over all the ingredients that was originally in my Greek salad I always bought and that's when I fell in love. HAHA!

The reason why the blog title says it's healthy(ish) is because it depends how crazy you go with the dressing as the calories will add up, even without the sauce it's yummy but I like to add a little more flavor.

If you don't like salads because they're too 'plain' try this one, it's honestly so yummy and filling, well after I chase it down with some chopped fruit, mainly my favorite melon! If you do try this out, let me know how you liked it on my social media site, linked at the end of every blog post and at the top of my blog.

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