Sunday, 6 April 2014

The #BloggersDoItBetter Challenge!

You may or may not have seen a post about this #BloggersDoItBetter Challenge on your feed, but I saw it and wanted to read up on it.

It's a challenge created by Touch Of Belle where once a fortnight/every 2 weeks on a Monday & Tuesday we are given a topic to make a blog post about. We all get the same one but our posts will be different as blogs that have joined are not all the same types. For example the topic one week is Easter, then there will be posts like outfits for then, make-up looks, hairstyles, DIY's, cooking or baking, fitness ect.

If you would like to take part then leave your name and email in the comments of the original post HERE and she will contact you with all the details or you can email her with your blog  URL, name and your email  to get involved.

The first post of this will be out tomorrow or Tuesday and I'm so excited to start this as it's a good way to get involved and friendly with other bloggers. If you join in then I'll look forward to your posts in the future.


  1. So glad you are doing this too! Can't wait to see your post :)
    Tania xx

    1. I know, it's so exciting to be apart of something. It was your post that made me get on board with this. :)

      Lauren Xo